Use consistency to help your readers know who you are

A former student posted this infographic of a visual style guide for her company,, Response Mine Interactive. I know that I have posted before about written style, this nice-looking piece has a couple of important reminders.

This matters, because people make judgements about you based on very quick views. Here’s some advice:

Look the same. This means the stuff in the guide I linked to above. Take the time to use color, type and logos consistently. Then, when you are a trusted source, people know it’s you at a glance.

Use consistent topics. You want to provide good information for your followers. But you can’t be all things to all people. Pick the areas in which you want to be a thought leader, and keep your topics there, across all media you use.

Use consistent tone. Who are you? Are you formal? Breezy? Confidential? Be that self across all media.

You might notice the word of the day is consistency. Consistency builds identity, and, eventually, trust.


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