Crowdfunding cancer

This year, my students and I are working on a project here in North Carolina to help cure cancer. Sounds simple enough, right? Raise money, support research, cancer goes away. In some ways it almost sounds easy.

It’s not.

Cancer is a huge, complicated problem that requires serious smarts. Science and research is incremental. If that sounds like “takes a long time” you’ve got the idea. Funding for medical research is either proprietary to corporations, or subject to political whim.

Today is October 8, the launch date for Cure Cancer Starter is tomorrow. I was looking up the progress made to date in cancer research and there is a header explaining how the National Cancer Institute is hamstrung by the government shutdown. At my husband’s university, the news is similarly glum.

GLUM doesn’t cure cancer, so I’m thinking differently. I’m offering my support to an audacious idea. A Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) if there ever was one – cure cancer in our lifetime. Read about the idea’s champion in the bottom half of this story.

The idea? To crowdfund cancer research. Americans spend $18 billion a year on specialty coffee and $58 billion on the off chance of hitting the lottery. If we can convince millions to play an expensive game where chances of winning are worse than those of being struck by lightning, maybe crowdfunding cancer research can work.

We presently spend $4.9 billion on government cancer research, so considerably less than coffee or lottery tickets.

Crowdfunding cancer research is AUDACIOUS, but it can work. Crowdfunding cancer research can work because cancer touches everyone.

From my mother and my mother-in-law,  both cancer survivors, to my friend who grieves the loss of his spouse to the big C daily, to my elementary school friend who died of brain cancer, to my cousin who is battling breast cancer today, cancer feels ubiquitous.

Has cancer touched you in some way?
Do you wish you could do something?
Be audacious NOW.

Learn How You Can Be Audacious & Help Cure Cancer:
Be audacious.

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