New story ideas bring in something completely different

Tomorrow is idea workshop day in my class. It’s a simple premise: taking a general topic, you can come up with lots of different story ideas by considering how you’d present it in different genres. For example, let’s say your product is shoes. Basic, boring shoes. What kinds of stories can we tell about shoes?

Round up – Mistakes people make in fitting shoes

Historical – What’s the origin of the athletic shoe? How did they get the popular feature you are selling?

Inspirational – “When I put on my shoes, I’m ready to dance. My shoes bring out my inner wild man.”

Humor – How many shoes X has ( a senior citizen who has them going back to 1964; a child who has dress shoes, sneakers, cleats, etc. etc.)

Essay – First person on why the right shoes make the outfit.

Exposé – If your shoes worker friendly, what are the conditions for shoes that are not?

Service article – What kind of shoes for what kind of activity?

Profile – Our tough river sandal, the outdoorsman’s best friend.

How to – How to break in your new shoes.

Learn more

Presentation on the characteristics of different types of articles.


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