Why you should hire someone with journalism skills to create your content

I’ve been participating in an interesting discussion on Linked In about why you might want to hire someone with journalism training to create your content for content marketing. I am strongly in favor of this, as, it seems are some major brands, if you look at hires lately.

Here’s what journalists bring to the party:

A sense of audience: A core part of journalism training is what the audience likes and expects in various media.

Ability to communicate on a general level: The majority of my first course in media writing is geared to getting students to convey complex concepts in simple language that is engaging and easy to read. It’s harder than it sounds. I have bright students, and they start to get it after 7 or 8 weeks of intensive practice. By the time they get through the degree, it’s second nature.

Speed: When I started graduate school, a professor who had been a journalist told me I was lucky because my work experience meant I could write without hesitation. He was so right. I wrote a dissertation in 6 weeks, and had friends who called it a great day if they got 3 sentences down on paper. Staying relevant in the eyes of an online audience requires fresh content frequently, and people with journalism training can deliver.

Integrity: Whether you are all the news fit to print or the voice of outerwear, you are only as good as you are believable. Although it may pain you in the process, a journalist has training in professional ethics that will keep your messages credible.

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