I’m here in Costa Rica on our Elon iMedia Fly In, with a group a students who will be working with an indigenous tribe to develop a website to encourage tourists to visit and learn about their culture. Read about the project here. 

We’ll see what the students come up with, but in my view, audience is a huge part of the challenge here. Costa Rica as a whole has a great deal to offer tourists: beautiful beaches, volcanoes you can visit, other-worldly wildlife, adventures like rafting, rappelling and zip lining, and more. So how does an indigenous group differentiate themselves? And how do you communicate that unique value to potential visitors?

We’ll need to start by thinking of what need the audience has. What itch will this site scratch?

I’ve been here before, but my students have not. I think it’s a little bit of a shock. People who have lived on the land for 500+ years, and use the same farming and traditional medicine practices and hold the same spiritual beliefs from across that time. Food all cooked over open fires. Following a child who knows her way up a challenging waterfall like my kid knows her way to the refrigerator from the family room. An outdoor living room with no walls and a thatched roof, supported by bamboo poles. There aren’t many places like that left that are relatively straightforward to get to. And ultimately, I think the shock is what will sell.

How we convince an audience of adventurous travelers to make the trip, even as a part of a larger trip to Costa Rica is our challenged. When we finish (at the end of this month), you can check out and let us know how we did. 


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