Trying out content creation

My grad students are doing regular blogging to learn about content creation. Check out their sites, and leave them some comments:


New media, social media and measurement


Thoughts on making sure your work gets seen online


News about and tips for the changing and fascinating world of sound storytelling


New media strategy for jobs and organizations


Using technology to start and continue your journey as an entrepreneur


How to brand yourself and become a successful designer


Audience interaction and web presence, focused on non-profits


Coding and development


Tips, tricks and learning for front-end development


Tips, tricks and trends at the intersection of technology and design




What’s new in sports, with an eye to on-line marketing


Fandom from afar, focused on the Dallas Mavericks


Fans, athletes and social media news and analysis



Gaming industry news, reviews and first-person perspective


Performers, venues and events from the booming Triangle area of NC music scene


Tips and advice for dealing with the fairer sex


Current fashion trends and pop culture influences


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