Why I blog

My job as a college professor is a full-time, plus occupation. But I still write this blog and contribute to a public one. Why would I do that?

First, it is good practice for me as a writer. I do write for my work, but often it is either research papers or class assignments, both of which have a narrow and unusual audience. My journalism training means I can write for a given audience, but I know I do better when I regularly practice.

Second, it is good practice for me as a thought leader. As one of my favorite NY Times columnists noted, professors have some good, important thinking they do, and it’s important that they share.

Finally, it keeps me in touch with the industry. I do a lot of work in content strategy and marketing, and I need to practice what I preach.

Should you blog?  I think so. Here’s a short presentation on reasons why.  


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