Thoughts on Content Shock from Elon alumni

This spring, I am running a MOOC course for our communications alumni. It’s a sampling of topics we cover in our graduate program in interactive media and it will be publicly available in March.

One of the most interesting parts is the discussion board, where our graduates, who are working in many different aspects of media, are commenting on the topic of the week.

This week is mine, and focuses on content strategy. We read this article on content shock in addition to the video lectures and discussion. Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • Content shock is a real problem in areas of media ranging from marketing to entertainment to social media to journalism. Content creators are having to be increasingly intentional about audience and quality to survive.
  • Curation and republishing hurts content creators, because audiences aren’t distinguishing between sources for content.
  • There’s a generational difference in the complexity audiences want. Younger audiences want more snack-sized information on multiple platforms. This is a challenge for organizations that don’t have the deep pockets to finance this kind of work.
  • Professional communicators know how to create fair and truthful information of high-quality, and this is an increasingly important skill set.
  • Niche markets are growing markets and communicators need to build and maintain quality relationships with them.

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