SEO/Analytics/Social Media: Class is in session

My university is on a funny schedule, so our spring classes just started yesterday.* My graduate class on SEO/Analytics/Social Media gets underway today and here’s what’s on the plate this semester. I’ll be doing posts on these topics over the next few months.

  1. Most things you think you know about SEO aren’t true any more
  2. You have no control over changes to search engine algorithms. Develop an industry surveillance technique and use it.
  3. Online reputation is hard to build and easy to lose
  4. The most important thing you can do is have clear goals for why and with whom you are communicating
  5. The next most important thing is to make it about your audience
  6. Quality content matters
  7. Measure what you value and value those measurements
  8. Dealing with real clients who have real problems and real audiences is always messier than you think it should be. Flexibility matters.

*We have a January term. I spent it with an awesome team of graduate students building this and this.


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